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Lube by Number Kit

The Lube by Number kit, by FirstPower Group LLC, provides all the  common cleaners, oils, greases and compounds typically needed for on-site lubrication and maintenance of Circuit Breakers and associated equipment and components.

The LubeGuide simplifies lubrication maintenance by establishing an easy-to-follow flowchart of lubrication surfaces coupled with the proper product, application method and estimated life of the product.


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EZ-Reach Case


3PAO Lubricating Oil (6-count)
110g Squeeze Bottle with 12-inch Extended Reach Applicator

FirstPower Synthetic PAO Oil provides protection and lubrication for a wide range of moving components in industrial mechanisms. Highly refined and will not leave a residue. Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear additives. Ideal for surfaces requiring lubrication which are not accessible for grease or paste application.

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OS-2 Case

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2S Silicone Cleaner and Surface Prep (6-count)
100g Squeeze Bottle with 12-Inch Extended Reach Applicator

Multi-purpose silicone based cleaning agent. Typical applications include cleaning plastics, fiberglass and components; precleaning surfaces prior to painting, sealing and bonding; degreasing bearings, nuts, bolts, chains; removing silicone-based wax and protectants; and removing silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (labels). Remove coating/stamping oils, motor oil/greases, typical shop soils, processing fluids. Soften cured silicone sealants, remove silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (labels) and residue. Remove coating/stamping oils, motor oil/greases, typical shop soils, processing fluids.

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1FR Penetrant (6-count)
110g Squeeze Bottle with 12-inch Extended Reach Applicator

Multi-purpose penetrant for loosening rusted or corroded parts and water displacement. Molykote® L-0501 aids in disassembling parts, freeing stuck gears, hinges, chains, sliding doors, cables, cranks and other moving parts. Suitable for short-term corrosion protection, it contains anti-wear additive, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Suitable for use from -20 to 120° F (-29 to -49° C)

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Molykote® 3451 Chemical Resistant Bearing Grease (12-count)

Provides exceptional lubrication on needle bearings in circuit breakers. This fluorosilicone grease provides superior resistance to most chemicals and can be used at high temperatures, and with heavy loads. Molykote® 3451 grease also resists washout by water, fuels, oils and solvents. It is compatible with most gaskets, seals and packings, including silicone O-rings.

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Molykote® 33 Extreme Low Temperature Bearing Grease (12-count)

This grease delivers exceptional performance in cold environments. It lubricates trip latch and coil bearings, antifriction bearings, and plastic and rubber parts under light to moderate loads. Molykote® 33 grease is resistant to oxidation and moisture, and it is compatible with many plastics and elastomers.

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Molykote® 55 O-Ring Grease (12-count)

Provides dynamic lubrication between rubber and metal parts, especially in pneumatic systems. Slightly swells O-rings to provide a tight seal, has a broad service temperature range and resists oxidation. Use for lubricating O-rings, sealing pneumatic systems and in aircraft applications.

*Not recommended for lubricating silicone rubber O-rings and seals. Test before use on plastics; may attack polycarbonate and other plastics. Not designed for lubricating bearings.

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Molykote® D-321-R Dry Film Lubricant Spray (12-count)

Molykote® D-321-R Dry Film Lubricant is designed for use on parts that are inaccessible for lubrication after assembly; require a dry, thin lubricating film; or normally experience high initial wear on running-in new or rebuilt equipment. Typical uses include splines, threaded connections, disconnects. Instruments operating in unusual environments, such as in a vacuum, near radiation or in extreme low or high temperatures. Aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to steel surfaces.

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Molykote® 111 Compound (12-count)

Offers good resistance to most chemicals, excellent water resistance, low vapor pressure and low volatility over a wide temperature range. Molykote® 111 Compound can be used to lubricate most non-silicone O-rings and gaskets.

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Molykote® 1000 Solid Lubricant Paste (10-count)

Particularly useful for bolted metal joints, enabling no-destructive dismantling, even after long use at high temperatures. It offers good corrosion protection over a wide range of temperatures and at high loads.

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