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Dow Corning® 5 Compound
Dow Corning® 5 Compound
Part No: DCC4016062

Dow Corning® 5 Compound

Dielectric compound used on
insulators and bushings; as a
lubricant for high-current switches.
Applications where improved
metal-to-metal lubricity is needed.
Helps prevent arcing and
flashovers on insulators and
bushings. A contact lubricant on
high-voltage equipment. For
lubricating static and dynamic O-
ring seals in hot-melt adhesive
equipment. Helps prevent rust and
corrosion on insulator threads and
bolts; also helps in removal of
insulators and hardware for
replacement. A water-repellent
filling material to help prevent
moisture from traveling inside the
rubber jacket of service entrance
cable (can be injected using a
grease gun with a needle-type
nozzle). Helps prevent oxidation
and corrosion.