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MolykoteŽ D-321-R *CASE*
MolykoteŽ D-321-R *CASE*
Part No: DCC4110902C

CASE Quantity-12 ct.

MolykoteŽ D-321-R Dry Film

MolykoteŽ D-321-R Dry Film
Lubricant is designed for use
on parts that are inaccessible
for lubrication after assembly;
require a dry, thin lubricating
film; or normally experience
wear on running-in new or
rebuilt equipment. Typical uses
include splines, threaded
connections, disconnects.
Instruments operating in
unusual environments, such as
in a vacuum, near
radiation or in extreme low or
high temperatures. Aluminum
to aluminum and aluminum to
steel surfaces.

***This product must be
shipped as Hazardous Material
due to shipping regulations
beyond our control. Price
shown includes Required
Hazardous Material Shipping