Published 07/13/2020

FirstPower Group LLC is known for much more than just The STINGER® electrical switch lubricating tool. The company is adept in the area of high voltage circuit breaker and compressor maintenance, repair and upgrades. FirstPower’s president, Jack Harley, founded the company back in 1979 with a mission to provide electric substation products and services, as well as innovative solutions for the electric power industry. Since then, the company’s engineers and technicians have used their extensive technical knowledge and experience to solve many of the unique challenges that electric utility companies face.

Jack Harley along with Representatives from First Power Group LLC will be part of a round robin session addressing "Solving Common Maintenance Issues". Our Session Title will be Safety and Productivity Solutions for Circuit Breakers. Our discussion will focus on three utility safety and productivity solutions:

Freeing Corroded Disconnect Switches

Autofilling Leaky Circuit Breakers

Determining the Correct Lubricant for Each Mechanism Surface and Scenario


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