Published 10/14/2020

First Power is proud to report that the 1FR Penetration Fluid has been awarded patent number 10,689,591. 1FR Penetrating Fluid was designed specifically to penetrate tight clearance switch parts and remove corrosion and rust that inhibit normal switch movement. It is non-flammable, silicone-free, and has a dielectric strength of 35KV (ASTM D877). 1FR is available in squeeze bottles, hand pump spray bottles, and spray cans that are compatible with the Stinger(R) hotstick lubricating tool. Spray cans are packaged without flammable propellants and are considered non-flammable aerosols (ASTM D 3065).   

When dealing with rusty or corroded parts, silicone-containing fluids should be avoided because exposure to intense heat from a torch or electrical arc can cause silicones to degrade into grit. Flammability is always a safety concern, which is where the low volatility and self-extinguishing nature of 1FR's patented formula shines.  

To use 1FR, simply treat the corroded part or joint  until soaked and allow 30 minutes for it to fully penetrate the part.  Afterwards, disassemble the part or pull the switch open with ease.  The change is usually very noticeable.