Circuit Air 210

FirstPower Group offers a CircuitAir 210 oil breaker compressor with significant design
improvements that make it the logical replacement for discontinued Keystone models and
various other popular brands. Formerly known as GE Harley, FirstPower offers a full range of
services from complete rebuilds to new compressors with our own design enhancements. With
years of compressor expertise and applied knowledge, FirstPower now offers the electrical utility
industry a compressor that has been engineered to correct common compressor problems, to
improve operating efficiency and long-term performance with minimal maintenance

Through our re-manufacturing services, our engineers have observed, firsthand, the common
causes of compressor equipment failures. Correcting inferior designs and use of substandard
materials has lead to our superior model of the CircuitAir 210
We’ve put the unit through a rigorous simulated field test that included a continuous 1,500-hour
run. Today there are hundreds of units working in substations across the country.

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