Compressor Remanufacturing & Parts

FirstPower Group LLC has been maintaining and repairing OCB, ATB and SF6 high voltage circuit breaker compressors since 1979. Our years of experience have enabled us to observe, first-hand the common causes of compressor failure, including poor design and inferior materials, leading us to create affordable, effective solutions to common equipment problems.

Our full service shop can handle nearly any circuit breaker compressor maintenance, repair or modification request.

Low-pressure and Mid-range compressors are tested prior to disassembly. Once testing is complete, the entire unit is disassembled. Interior of core and all parts are inspected for wear or failure.
Housing is cleaned and maintenance parts, including bearings, seals gaskets and if damaged or worn, connecting rods are installed. New gaskets and seals are installed and the compressor is reassembled.
Each unit is test run for a minimum of 10-hours and tested for heating, blowby and pump-up times.
The compressor is then repainted & returned to active service.

Similar services, including 1,000 and 1,500-hr Maintenance Inspection and Service available for High-pressure units.


Our technicians will visit your location and complete 1,500-Hour Inspection and maintenance on WortingtonV2A4 units, including high and low side maintenance and Dryer maintenance.

1,000 or 1,500 Maintenance Inspections and Service also available for High Pressure units.

FPG also provides installation or replacement and start-up assistance for your remanufactured or new compressor, as well as technical support for your questions!


Contact our Compressor Group to inquire about how our Field and Shop services may help you!

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