FirstPower Group LLC offers brand new units designed for today's modern Circuit Breaker applications and other use with similar specifications. We stock and distribute our own CircuitAir 210, proudly manufactured in the USA, as a replacement for the out-of-production Keystone (Models A, D, Y & BY), and also distribute a full line of Becker and Kaeser compressors. These modern, in-production compressors come to you packed for labor saving replacement of your current unit or direct installation into a new location.

Original Equipment Suggested Replacement 
AA7 K150-GE
AA10-175 PSI K150-GE
CAS 6 & CAS 8 K150-GE
AA14 K175-GE
AA10-60 K175-GE
AA10-80 K175-GE
General Electric   
MA 13/14/15/16 standard Circuit Air 210 or K150-GE
MA 15 special  Circuit Air 210 or K150-GE
MA 13-16 A/B Circuit Air 210 or K150-GE
MA 18 K175-GE
MA 19 K175-GE
ABB/BCC: For ELF Circuit Breakers  
QUINCY Compressor  K175-GE
ITE (with mechanism type)  
P44 K175-GE
P24 K150-GE