About Us

FirstPower Group LLC is an industrial manufacturing and equipment services company specializing in maintaining older High Voltage Circuit Breakers and Compressors used by the electric power industry.
With industry experience since 1979, FirstPower Group LLC has been addressing efficiency and productivity concerns for the electric power industry, resulting in significant improvements to existing equipment and affordable, effective solutions to equipment problems that result in delays and costly repairs if not addressed.

FirstPower Group LLC has roots to a proud history of High Voltage Circuit Breaker and Compressor maintenance, repair and upgrade. Founded in 1979 as J.W. Harley Inc., by Jack Harley, fulfilling his vision of providing electric substation products, services and improvements to the electric power industry. In 1999, J.W. Harley Inc. was acquired by the General Electric Company. As part of GE Power Generation Services, it was known as GE Harley. In 2007, Jack Harley and Frank Ricard, Manager of Engineering and Quality at GE Harley, regained the High Voltage Circuit Breaker and Compressor segments of the business, and co-founded FirstPower Group LLC. 

FirstPower Group LLC's engineers and technicians continue to apply their lengthy experience, technical knowledge and first-hand observation of common circuit breaker and compressor equipment failures and deficiencies to the challenges of maintaining the electric power industry's vital equipment and components. All FirstPower Group LLC's Technicians are fully trained in OSHA requirements for Confined Space Entry and Hazardous Materials Handling.

FirstPower Group LLC provides affordable and effective solutions that not only decrease maintenance, waste and by-product environmental impact, but also increase productivity and efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings on maintenance budgets and capital equipment expenditures.

FPG Vision

FirstPower Group LLC will be the Global Leader in equipment remanufacturing solutions and services; enabling our clients to provide reliable electric service.
FPG MissionFirstPower Group LLC provides affordable, high quality parts, services and equipment to the electric power industry.

FPG Values

Respect for others is demonstrated by listening to the opinions of others, accepting new methods of doing, building relationships on honesty and trust, working effectively in a team environment and openly sharing information and resources throughout the company to improve our total efforts
Customer-Centric means that every employee is focused on delivering beyond the expectations of our clients. Maintaining a continuous, open dialog with our clients, internal and external, advising of actions on their behalf, and doing what we say we will do. Customer-Centric also means that we seek, everyday, to find new ways to innovate our products and services to reduce cost, increase efficiency and directly benefit our clients.
Achievement Oriented employees strive for accomplishment and attainment of goals every day. Paying attention to the details and making sure they are done right, being self-motivated and flexible in our work styles and with the tasks that we do, and assuming the authority , individually and in teams, to achieve our goals as an organization. Value is placed on the importance of each member of the FPG team doing his or her part every day.
Self-Development focused building of individual skills with a willingness to learn about and assume more responsibility in leadership, technical and administrative functions.

FPG Continuous Improvement

FirstPower Group LLC seeks every day to improve our operations and ways of doing things, to the benefit of our clients. Each employee, aware of his or her surroundings, identifying ways large and small, that each individual can make things better every day. This is the principle of Kaizen, Japanese for "improvement". Every individual contributes every day, resulting in a larger overall improvement, or compound productivity improvement, over a period of time. FPG also incorporates Lean methods into manufacturing and service operations, seeking to eliminate unnecessary expense and labor. Lean manufacturing is the systematic elimination of waste from all aspects of an organization's operations, resulting in lower costs, fewer delays, and  total focus on our clients experience.