Privacy Policy

FirstPower Group LLC wants visitors to our website feel comfortable that we are collecting only necessary information, and that this information is stored in a secure manner. Collected information will not be misused via widespread dissemination or resale. Please continue to read the below policy information or contact our system administrator at for further information.

What information is being collected?

Cookies may be used by FirstPower Group LLC websites in connection with e-commerce transactions to track shopping transactions and history. FirstPower Group LLC does not use cookies to track site visitors or behavior in any other way or for any other purpose. Visitors may configure their browser to reject cookies. Visitors will still be able to access and view FirstPower Group LLC's websites as usual, but e-commerce transactions will be limited or unavailable. Some information may be captured by a cookie when locating FirstPower Group LLC via an internet search-engine, for the purposes of identifying keywords used for searching and other non-identifying technical data, that may help FirstPower Group LLC understand how visitors find or utilize data to locate FirstPower Group LLC websites.

Information Request Forms are used by visitors to request literature, information or direct contact. Use of these forms, and submission of information via a form is completely voluntary. Individuals and Organizations that do not wish FirstPower Group LLC to collect such information should not submit any forms. FirstPower Group LLC collects the information requested in the forms to fulfill the literature, information and contact requests to the visitor. FirstPower Group LLC may also use this information to periodically contact visitors with pertinent product and service information or special offers. If you or your organization do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, please send an email to or mail us at FirstPower Group LLC, 8941 Dutton Drive, Twinsburg, OH 44087, and specify that we do not contact you in the future. FirstPower Group LLC may share select information with our representatives and distributors so that they, as agents for FirstPower Group LLC may contact you in regards to your interest in or about FirstPower Group LLC's products and services. FirstPower Group LLC will not share your information with any third-parties. FirstPower Group LLC does not sell, trade or share mailing lists, so you will not be contacted by other organizations about products or services.

Geographic Information of a visitor may be determined using IP address information to insure the visitor receives the correct pricing information for their Country or State or regional location.

Aggregate Data. FirstPower Group LLC may compile data concerning a visitor's location, browser, frequency of visits, Internet Service Provider, and other miscellaneous internet related data, to study usage patterns of FirstPower Group LLC websites. This information is examined only in the aggregate, and is not used to identify any individual visitor, unless that visitor has voluntarily submitted information to FirstPower Group LLC.

Payment Information is kept securely in our firewalled server for a very short period of time. This information is removed as orders and client accounts are processed on a daily, on-going basis. Your payment information is confidential & private, and will never be used by FirstPower Group LLC for any other purpose than fulfilling the required payment method for any products, services or equipment purchased from FirstPower Group LLC or one of our suppliers. Visitors have the option of not storing payment or address location and submission of this information, and the storage of this information is purely voluntary. Visitors may request that stored financial information be removed by emailing

Data Security. FirstPower Group LLC is committed to data security. Literature and information requests are processed daily, so visitor information is quickly removed from the FirstPower group LLC web servers. E-commerce orders are placed via a secure server and processed promptly. Personal and transaction data are not aggregated on FirstPower Group LLC web servers. Data collected on the web are sent to our internal databases which are firewalled & protected from access via the web by unauthorized individuals.

Should you have additional questions or concerns about FirstPower Group LLC's Internet Privacy, please contact  FirstPower Group LLC via Phone at 330-963-2050, Email at, or via mail at 8194 Dutton Drive, Twinsburg, OH 44087.