Request Shop and Field Service

Request Shop and Field Service

Shop Service
ATB circuit breaker service includes disassembly of Air Blast Head. Bushings are disassembled, cleaned and seals are replaced. Interrupters are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. Entire unit is blast cleaned, repainted and reassembled before being tested and timed.
Lower Control Valve  is disassembled, aluminum sleeve is machined off and replaced with stainless steel sleeve. Unit is reassembled and tested.
CT Column is disassembled, cleaned and inspected then reassembled with new sealant. Column is tested for air and SF6 gas leaks.

OCB circuit breaker service includes inspection and replacement of worn parts.
Control Valves are remanufactured with Soft Seat material and heater and thermostat are installed.
Many remanufactured components are also available.


Field Services
ATB circuit breaker field services include inspection and testing of Air Blast Head, Compressor and CT Column units and components. Worn or failing parts are replaced. Location and correction of SF6 gas leaks is also available.

OCB circuit breaker field services include Patrol Maintenance and Multi-Year Maintenance. This includes inspection of the compressor, sampling of oil and complete lubrication of the operating mechanism.

Installation and conversion services are also available by request.