Lube By Number Kit

The Lube by Number industrial lubrication kit and LubeGuide were created to give your service technicians and maintenance people an easy to use lubrication system and the longest lasting lubrication solution possible.

The Lube by Number kit contains cleaners and lubricants typically needed for on-site maintenance of circuit breakers. The included LubeGuide system makes it easy to know the right lubricant for each component and how to apply it.

The Lube by Number kit features a durable case with easy to see, easy to reach storage compartments. The liquid squeeze bottles feature an easy one-handed open/close cap with a built in 12-inch applicator extension. Grease and Compound containers feature a built-in brush top cap.

The Lube by Number kit is stocked with industry leading synthetic grease and oil, and proven cleaners and compounds. Each product selection is based on FIRSTPOWER's years of experience conducting lubricant research and our core business of high-voltage circuit breaker and compressor equipment maintenance.

#1 Penetrant (1FR)
110g Squeeze Bottle with 12" Extended Reach Applicator

Multi-purpose penetrant for loosening rusted or corroded parts and water displacement. 1FR aids in disassembling parts, freeing stuck gears, hinges, chains, sliding doors, cables, cranks and other moving parts. Suitable for short-term corrosion protection, it contains anti-wear additive, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Suitable for use from -20 to 120° F (-29 to -49° C)

#2 Cleaner (2S)
100g Squeeze Bottle with 12" Extended Reach Applicator

Multi-purpose silicone based, VOC free cleaning agent. Typical applications include cleaning plastics, fiberglass and components, pre cleaning and degreasing surfaces before painting, sealing or bonding. Removes silicone-based wax and protectant and is an effective degreaser for bearings, nuts, bolts and chains and other soiled surfaces. 2S helps remove coating and stamping oils, motor oils, greases, typical shop soils and processing fluids. Softens cured silicone sealants and helps to remove silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (labels) and residues. Recommended for use following penetrant application and prior to applying a lubricating grease or oil.

#3 Lubricating Oil (3PAO)
110g Squeeze Bottle with 12" Extended Reach Applicator

High-quality synthetic PAO lubricating oil for stopping squeaks, lubricating locks, hinges, chains, cables, gears, cranks, sliding doors and other lightly loaded moving surfaces and parts. Useful for short-term emergency bearing lubrication, water displacement and corrosion protection; FirstPower 3PAO features limited penetrating qualities for hard to reach locations, semi-sealed surfaces and components requiring lubrication that are difficult to disassemble. Contains rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear additives, and antioxidants. Highly refined and will not leave a residue. Suitable for use from -76 to 176° F (-60 to 80° C)

#4 Rolling Surface (Molykote® 3451)
200g Plastic Jar with Brush Top Cap

This fluorosilicone grease provides superior resistance to most chemicals and can be used at a wide range of temperatures, loads and speeds. Molykote® 3451 provides exceptional lubrication on needle bearings and other roller bearings in circuit breakers. It is particularly useful in bearings exposed to harsh chemicals or solvents, bearings used at high speeds and bearings subjected to heavy loads and high temperatures. Resists washout by water, fuels, oils and solvents, making it ideal for many industrial lubrication applications and outdoor use. Recommended for use as a lubricant and sealant for valves, shafts and packings exposed to corrosive or aggressive chemicals. It is compatible with most gaskets, seals and packings, including Silicone o-rings. May be used as a dressing for silicone material o-rings, gaskets and seals. Avoid use on aluminum surfaces, as some compatibility issues are possible. Suitable for use from -40 to 450° F (-40 to 232° C)

#5 Sliding Surface (Molykote® G-n Paste)
180g Plastic Jar with Brush Top Cap

Low friction Molybdenum paste lubricant provides excellent protection against fretting wear and corrosion in sliding metal on metal applications, such as circuit breaker trip latches. MolykoteÒ G-n Paste helps to prevent seizure from fretting, galling and cold welding; extending life of surfaces subjected to extreme pressure. Best results are achieved by burnishing the paste into the metal surface and gently wiping away any residue with a clean cloth. Suitable for use from 0 to 750° F (-18 to 399° C)

#6 O-Ring, Gasket, Seal (Molykote® 111)
180g Plastic Jar with Brush Top Cap

This fluorosilicone grease provides superior resistance to most chemicals and is recommended for metal on metal combinations with slow to medium-fast movement and medium load. Recommended for lubricating and dressing flange gaskets and most other o-ring, gasket and seal applications. Molykote® 111 grease has an extremely low tendency toward oxidation and a high resistance to mineral oil, fuels and many chemicals. Recommended as a dressing for silicone material o-rings, gaskets and seals. Avoid use on aluminum surfaces, as some compatibility issues are possible. Suitable for use from -40 to 392° F (-40 to 200° C)

#7 Contacts (Molykote® 33)
140g Plastic Jar with Brush Top Cap

This silicone grease delivers exceptional performance in cold environments and is highly resistant to oxidation, moisture and evaporation in higher temperature. These properties make it ideal for protecting and lubricating moving contacts in a substation environment, such as those in circuit breakers and disconnect switches. Molykote® 33 is useful to lubricate trip-latches and coil bearings, anti-friction bearings and plastic and rubber parts under light to moderate load. This silicone grease is compatible with many plastics and elastomers but should not be used on silicone o-rings, seals and gaskets. Suitable for use from -100 to 400° F (-73 to 204° C)

#8 Fastener Threads (Molykote® 1000 Paste)
 180g Plastic Jar with Brush Top Cap

This molybdenum paste is recommended for fastener threads and bolted metal connections to improve coefficient of friction and achieve uniform tightness of bolted connections. Molykote® 1000 Paste enables non-destructive dismantling of bolted metal joints even after long use at high temperatures. This paste offers good corrosion protection over a wide range of temperatures and at high loads. Reduce tightening torque by 30% when using on a bolted connection. Suitable for use from -22 to 1202° F (-30 to 650° C)

#9 Electrical Contacts (No-Ox ID A-Special)
 120g Plastic Jar with Brush Top Cap

This electrically conductive grease helps keep metals free from rust or corrosion. Apply to semi-permanent non-moving connections for protection above and below ground. No-Ox ID A-Special has been used extensively in the electric power industry for over 60-years to prevent corrosion on electrical connectors in equipment and switchgear. This grease will prevent the formation of oxides, sulfides and other corrosion deposits on copper, aluminum and steel surfaces and conductors.

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