Stinger 2NP Switch Contact Cleaner CASE (6) - $246.77

Stinger 2NP Switch Contact Cleaner CASE (6)

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2NP Switch & Contact Cleaner 

2NP Switch and Contact Cleaner is a cleaner and degreaser for removing Con-taminents, Oils, Ad-hesives, Tar, Sludge or Corrosion. The 2NP is great for cleaning insulators.

Net Weight: 7 oz. Can
Case of 6 Aerosol Cans
Safe for Energized Equipment
Non-Flammable, Non-Conductive
Non-Flammable Nitrogen Propellant
Self-Sealing Aerosol Valve for Multiple Uses
Proprietary Threaded Pressurized Aerosol Can works with STINGER
Pressurized Aerosol Can Must Ship Via Ground Delivery
May Not Be Transported by Air Travel
Store in Climate Controlled Area