Improve Switch Productivity with the Stinger® Lubricating Tool

We created the Stinger lubricating tools in response to the challenges that often result from stuck disconnect switches - damaged equipment, muscle exertion, substation outages, lost time and lost money. Our first-hand experiences were instrumental in helping us design a versatile powerline tool that makes it possible for electric power utility professionals to pre-treat disconnect switches in a way that improves switch productivity and substation safety.

What Sets the Stinger and the stinger hornet Apart From Other Substation Equipment?

When the Stinger lubricating tools are used to pre-treat disconnect switches, they deliver penetrants to open switches on the first try. Because of this, the amount of force needed to open a switch may be reduced by 50%. And when the force is reduced, so are the occurrences of injuries and equipment damage.

If a switch is not lubricated properly, it can take a day or two to open it. And if it's hard to open, that could cost your organization even more downtime and money. The Stinger tools cut the wait time down from 24 or 48 hours to 30 minutes in most cases.

By making disconnect switches easier to open, the possibility of damage occurring is greatly reduced. This means that another switch doesn't have to be installed and you won't have to wait for a part to arrive should your provider not have what you need in stock. And lastly, more resources won't have to be tied up just to replace the switch.

One last advantage — the Stinger tools make it possible to open a switch live in comparison to other methods that often require costly outages, saving manpower and financial resources. 

Why the Stinger TOOLS Should be an Essential Powerline Tool

Switching productivity is achieved when a switch can be opened on the spot without breaking as reasonable force is applied. This is often referred to as “same day switching.” Thirty minutes after the Stinger tools are used to apply our non-flammable 1FR Penetrating Fluid, any corrosion is dissolved and hardened lubricants are softened. Our field-proven 1FR Penetrating Fluid has been shown to help reduce unexpected outages due to broken or stuck switches and lower the physical impact of switching on workers. The results? Field crews can finish their planned workdays, the occurrence of injuries is reduced and overall, switch productivity is improved! So if you're looking for engineering tools for protection and better productivity, there's no better choice than the Stinger tools.

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