The Benefits of The Stinger Tool

Switching productivity is achieved when the switch can be opened without breaking as reasonable force is applied. Some call this “same day switching.”

A 30-minute wait after application of non-flammable 1FR Penetrating Fluid with the Stinger tool dissolves corrosion and softens hardened lubricants. Field proven 1FR Penetrating Fluid helps reduce unexpected outages due to broken or stuck switches and lower the physical impact of switching on workers.

RESULTS? Field crews can accomplish the planned workday. A source of injuries is reduced. Improved productivity!


Independent utility customer testing compared two methods of opening a switch.

The traditional method uses no penetrating fluid or lubricant prior to striking a switch. This was compared to the pretreatment method using the Stinger System to apply 1FR Penetrating Fluid prior to striking the switch. The same switch model was used in each test.

Using a Force Gauge, the traditional method measured 232 lb of force required to open the switch. The pretreatment method, following application of 1FR Penetrating Fluid with the Stinger System measured 122 lb of force.

This comparison shows a reduction of nearly 50% in force required to open the switch.

RESULTS? Switches can be opened without breaking.


Using state of the art Electromyography (EMG) equipment, independent utility customer testing measured the comparison between a technician’s muscle exertion during traditional untreated switch opening and pretreated switch opening, following application of 1FR Penetrating Fluid with the Stinger System. Watch the Video.

The EMG sensors were placed on muscle groups involved in switching operations, such as bicep and rotator cuff. The sensors recorded muscle response or electrical activity of skeletal muscles and the results of the two methods were compared.

Analysis showed that opening an untreated switch required an average peak exertion of over 250% Muscle Voluntary Contraction (MVC) of the Rotator Cuff and over 160% MVC of the Biceps. MVC is a measure of how much a muscle may be contracted without any eternal stimulus.

Comparatively, opening a switch that had been pretreated with 1FR Penetrating Fluid was shown to reduce peak muscle exertion by over 50%!

RESULTS? Fewer injuries and lost time.


The Stinger tools are designed to accept only Stinger Fluid cans. This prevents the use of unapproved materials which can be hazardous to both equipment and workers.  Stinger Fluid 1FR is a nonflammable, arc-quenching material that uses a Nitrogen propellant. 

Testing and three years of field experience confirm it is not only safe, but effective for opening switches easily and without down time. The tool’s remote, “no-rope” operation has been near field high-voltage withstand tested to 250KV and has seen field use on 230KV switches.  With no rope to get dirty or wet, the Stinger System is safer to use. The Stinger tools are constructed of durable, non-conductive materials with no exposed metal parts to prevent flashovers from switch to can. 


RESULTS? Fewer incidence and accidents.