Reduce Electric Switch and Equipment Damage with The Stinger®

The Stinger tools have been proven to improve switching productivity for electric utility companies throughout North America. An advantage of using these tools is that it can help reduce the occurrence of electric switch or equipment damage. When encountered in the field, it's common for linemen and other industry professionals to use hammers to bang on stuck switches to loosen them up. Or, they might use lubricants that are flammable and not specifically formulated for electrical disconnect switches. The Stinger® tools can take the hassle out of the process and make it safer and more efficient for everyone involved.

Why Electric Utility Companies Can Trust The Stinger TOols 

In a test, an independent utility customer compared two methods of opening a switch. During testing, the traditional method, which uses no penetrating fluid or lubricant prior to striking a switch, was compared to the pretreatment method which involves using the Stinger System to apply 1FR  Penetrating Fluid prior to striking the switch. The same switch model was used for each test.

Using a Force Gauge, the traditional method showed that 232 pounds of force was required to open the switch. The pretreatment method, following the application of 1FR Penetrating Fluid with the Stinger System, only required 122 pounds of force.

Overall, testing showed a reduction of nearly 50% in force required to open the switch.

This means that it's possible to open switches without breaking them.

Why This is Important

Years of using excessive force to open an electrical disconnect switch can lead to substantial damage and misalignment. Pulling too hard can even bring the switch down altogether. This could lead to an outage as well as thousands of dollars in manpower and replacement parts to fix the damaged electric switch. The Stinger tools can reduce the chances of encountering these problems.

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If you've been searching for a corrosion inhibitor and an alternative to traditional electric switch opening methods, The Stinger tools can meet your needs. The system also offers an easier method for putting dielectric grease on electrical connections. To learn more about The Stinger lubricating tools or our fluids, call us at 330.963.2050, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to assisting you.